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Why Ninja Sports Club?


This new program is for ages 4-5Y. This program will teach foundational gross motor skills in a fun, and patient environment, that will lead to building mini-Ninja Warriors! Students will improve their balance, strength and flexibility, which will setup any young athlete for future athletic success. Join us on Tuesday, September 7 for our Mini-Ninja Open House!


Our Kid-Ninja program is for ages 6-12Y and has two levels. Kid-Ninja 1 is for new students. This program teaches students fundamental Ninja Warrior skills like swinging, climbing, monkey bars, and teaches fundamental Parkour skills like striding, jumping, landing and beginner vaults. Classes are 60-minutes long and are offered 6 x week. This class is not open-gym, or free play like our birthday parties. It is a structured class with 2-3 coaches that teach skills and techniques in Ninja Warrior.


Kid-Ninja 2 is also for ages 6-12Y, however, students need to demonstrate that they can dead hang for at least 60 seconds, and can perform a successful lache to another obstacle. Students in Kid-Ninja 2 get introduced to competition style courses and are frequently challenged with more advanced Ninja Warrior skills and Parkour Skills. Classes are 60-minutes long and are offered 4 x week.


Teen-Ninja is for students ages 13+. This program teaches all kinds of Ninja Warrior skills and Parkour Skills. From beginner skills to advanced skills, Teen-Ninja will have something for every student. This program often has a strength & conditioning component to help improve their Ninja Fitness. Classes are 60-minutes long and are offered 3 x week.


Ninja Sports Club Competitive Team is a dedicated team that trains and competes in Ninja Warrior Competitions. Athletes range from 6-16Y and classes are 2-hours long.


Our fitness classes are great for all fitness levels. We offer traditional fitness classes like Bootcamp and TRX, and have designed our own hybrid classes like Spin & Lift, and Rock & Row. For Ninja fans, we have a beginner class called Ninja Fundies, and the super-popular Beast Mode (Langley's toughest class).


We offer private lessons for kids and adults alike. Some of our members have lost over 90 lbs, while others have overcome injuries, bad backs, sore shoulders, and more. We have a kinesiologist on staff, two corrective exercise specialists, and a team of professional Ninja coaches that can take you to the next level.

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